Take advantage of expert coaching and mentoring by tapping into any one of our expertly trained, world-class String Masters.

Learn, teach and practice music online today!

Teach and Learn Music on the Most Advanced Online Conservatory

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String Masters reinforces the time-tested learning approach of private music lessons updated for todays’ technical world!

  • Extensive digital sheet music library
  • Professional music learning videos and tutorials
  • Private online music lesson center
  • Music Lesson scheduling & payments

String Masters brings all the elements of teaching and learning string music into one easy-to-use, robust online studio.

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Personal music lesson binders and practice space make it a breeze for teachers and students to organize themselves like a professional music conservatory.

  • Build focused binders with our music content or your own
  • Log notes, create assignments, annotate music
  • Revisit past recorded music lessons
Sheet Music
Gain unlimited access to 1000s of expertly curated music studies, concertos and sonatas in clean, easy to read digital format.
Instructional Videos
Explore our exclusive and forever growing library of master videos. A true complement to ongoing private music lessons.
Engage With
Of the Art
Gain access to expert string music coaching and mentoring by engaging with our skillful, world-class String Masters.